About Me

Business Consultant | Political Consultant | US Staffing Professional | Digital Marketing Consultant

I, Anish Gupta, planned to put forward my visionary concepts into actions. No doubt, there is an abundant number of entrepreneurs out there, but not all who stroke, hit the target. I made my way into digital world at the tender age of 19. Establishing my empire, I proudly head and direct the two most successful ventures that are Alpha Silicon and Big Boy’s Consulting. Besides that, I have launched 7+ startups with revenue of more than 10 million dollars. For me, age is just a number. I do not believe in something called ‘perfect time’ and wish to excel every day.
There is nothing as beautiful as hard work and determination. To challenge yourself is to create a more productive person out of you. Being listed in ‘30 Young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2019’ by Insights Success Group, I feel blessed and tend to aim for more. In my opinion, there is nothing such as a ‘God Gift.’ Whatever you achieve, you achieve with hard work and dedication. In my early years, I was just like any other ordinary boy who day-dreamed all day about his better future. Since day-dreaming was not productive, actions were needed to be put. There came the point in life when I got vividly inspired by my parents, who never stopped working hard enough to reach their goals. I saw them hustling over and over; it made me cautious of the fact that to become a diamond, you need to go through a lot of pressure.

Anish Gupta

I started my struggle from then on and worked hard on my dream project. I remember toiling day and night to grab all the opportunities and use them wisely. I even cut myself out of many social engagements to stay focused. Now that my struggle has stood me out of an ordinary life, I still feel bounded to delimit my possibilities. For every successful company, the entrepreneur needs to put bone-cracking zeal and tough grind. No magic is going to happen until you put all your heart out into your goal. It is a huge deal, and since that, the result is extraordinary worth. The rented room, in which I stayed during my completion of the B Tech course, was not just a room anymore. It was an office in the morning and a living room by night time. The struggle was real.

Talking about my ventures, with the US-based company, Alpha Silicon, we render services like Staff Augmentation and technology consulting services for technologies like Artificial intelligence, block chain and data analytics. Big Boy’s Consulting company, which was formerly known as Wise Business Technologies (Awarded as Best Digital Marketing Company of the year 2019 by Business Connect), is a business consulting and digital marketing venture. We deal with clients who want to launch or promote their product and have optimal brand competition analysis and not only this we provide them with consulting related to their business process and workforce management. My team manages the brand’s reputation and serves over 500+ clients globally. I feel honored to have worked with colossal e-commerce tycoons, renowned politicians, and million dollar companies.
With my astounding team, I have designed and developed over 450 websites, still counting more. Besides that, I run digital political campaign services under the brand ‘Election Amry’, where our team plays a role of ‘Political Consultant’ and ‘Marketing Strategist’ since the voters and especially the youth tends to respond to digital content rapidly.

I feel that it is essential to do what you love to do. Getting inspired by my parents, I believe that if you want it to be your show… run it your way!