Best business movies every entrepreneur should watch

Best business movies every entrepreneur should watch

Every individual needs some motivation to do work, primarily in a professional field. Such is the case with entrepreneurs. They also require constant inspiration to work and come up with new strategies and ideas for their business. There are some movies that every entrepreneur should watch as a muse.

  • Pirates of the Silicon Valley- this is one of the highest recommended movies for all you entrepreneurs out there. This movie is on the great book Fire in the Valley. It gives an insight into the conflict between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. This movie will show you how people develop into tycoons even after starting with nothing in hand.
  • The wolf of wall street- Leonardo DiCaprio fans will give a thumbs up to this movie. This movie is on the true story of Jordan Belfort and his rise and decline as an entrepreneur. This movie will teach you what you should not do as an entrepreneur. The performances in this movie are also spectacular.
  • The founder- another piece of art that you should watch as an entrepreneur is a movie The Founder, based on an American who emerged out as a fast-food king. The film tells about how McDonald’s, the globally most loved and wanted food chain came out as the most prominent business. The story is very inspiring, as well as emotional. You will get to learn a lot from it.
  • Thank you for smoking- those who wish to gain expertise in the art of marketing and selling their product, then this movie is just perfect for you. This movie speaks of Nick Naylor, who tries to build a market for cigarettes despite facing various challenges. One will surely get to learn about honing the art of marketing one’s product.
  • Becoming Warren Buffet- Warren Buffet is one of the most looked upon and inspiration to many budding entrepreneurs. He is best known for his business and investment skills. Besides this, he is also one of the humblest persons on the planet. This movie is a documentary film that speaks of his professional and personal life. You can watch this film if you admire Warren Buffet.
  • The great hack- one of the most controversial scandals in the year 2018 was the Cambridge Analytica data scandal that accused Cambridge Analytica of stealing people’s data from Facebook and using it to gain political ends. This scandal is also said to be the cause of Brexit and Donald Trump winning the elections of 2016. The movie reveals how our private data is used against us to wash our brains.
  • The social network- this shows the high rise of the world’s most excellent startup Facebook and how Mark Zuckerberg turned his idea into such a brilliant business. This movie tells you about all the challenges he faced that include clashes with his co-founders. The film has a nice narration.
  • Pursuit of Happyness- this movie came out in the year 2006. It is on real-life events of Chris Gardner, who became a Wall Street legend. He emerged out of poverty and became very successful. This movie teaches you about how you should never give up on your dreams and follow what gives you utter happiness. This movie talks about persistence.
  • Joy- this movie released in 2015 is an underrated gem, and it never got its due credit. It is a story of a woman Joy Mangano who changed the mop industry in the late 90s. She invented Miracle Mop that was a self-wringing mop. It turned her into a business tycoon, and she became a millionaire with this idea. This movie is a sure shot inspiration to all the growing entrepreneurs.

This was the list of all the movies that you can probably watch if you are an entrepreneur. These movies will not only build ideas in your mind but will also encourage you to follow your dreams. All these movies will deeply inspire you to work hard and strive.

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