How to stay creative in ambiguous times?

How to stay creative in ambiguous times?

Some brilliant ways to channel your creativity in vague times

It is very tough to maintain your creative skills during times when everything has turned upside down. Such times of crisis are indeed tough for everyone, but the trick is to manage your creativity even one nothing is in your hand. Such times can be very challenging for your mental health and inner peace. It can ever trigger your anxieties and worries. However, if you want to stay positive and productive during these times, then the best way is to do one thing or the other.

Here we have four ways by which you can ensure your creativity during difficult times.

  1. Grab a book- books will never disappoint you, and it is an actual fact that they will never bore you. So, if you haven’t got enough time to read during your busy days, then this is the time when you can indulge in reading. It will help you in many ways:
  2. Reading helps you to walk into many worlds with different characters that can help you understand the complexity of their personalities. Thus, it is a great way to exercise one’s brains.
  3. Reading also helps you in developing your intellect. It gives you an insight into many things and also ignites your creativity and imagination.

You need to use your brain while reading a book, so you will never regret reading one. Thus, if you have been finding some time for reading your favorite book but couldn’t do so, then now is the time. Take out all the books that you were to read and enjoy them.

  • Get set play- playing can be very therapeutic and is undoubtedly the best exercise for mind and health. If you are wondering what to get into next, then trying is the best option to resort to. With playing, we learn to grow, to care, and whatnot.

With our busy and fast lives, we tend to lose the habit of playing. So, in such times it is very   essential to engross oneself in playing. This habit will keep you active, and fit and it will also help you to increase your concentration power.

Even if you are doing some regular work, try to make it more playful so that you not only enjoy doing it but also develop an interest in it.

  • Self-introspection- self-introspection is the key attribute of all the successful and happy people who have ever existed. It is vital to have an optimistic outlook, and self-introspection is the best way to do so. There are many ways in which self-reflection helps one:
  • Gives you a vision- this activity helps you to look correctly with a totalitarian view without thinking of just oneself. You will have a different perspective altogether.
  • Boosts self-esteem- self-reflection also helps you to improve your self-esteem. It will also instill a sense of confidence in you.
  • Calms your nerves- self-introspection also helps to calm your nerves. It makes you understand how to react to a particular situation. It also changes your behavior.
  • It Helps you learn better- it is a fact that people who practice self-introspection have a better sense of learning. They absorb and retain things for a longer period.
  • Be patient and practice humility- modesty, and gratitude is the quintessential feature of this time. You should do multiple things during this time and engage yourselves in productive ideas so that later when you look back at this time, you will be grateful for all the things that you were able to learn. Also, try to help as many people as you can. This practice will also boost a sense of compassion and humanity in you.

Thus, you should always try to be humbler and have a compassionate attitude towards the needy. Therefore, it is still a great idea to look at the optimistic side of life and be as creative as you can.

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