Top-10 Books for Entrepreneurs

Top-10 Books for Entrepreneurs

In this hour of recession and more creative minds, many people are deciding to begin their start-ups. They are choosing this option because they get authority over the decisions and they can fulfill their dreams.

Your development should not stop, whether you are a start-up development should never stop. One of the popular ways to get the knowledge is to read a book. There are a few books that can inspire, others explain and some books suggest. Reading helps in sparking new ideas and pushes us forward.

These are the books recommended for start-up founders:

  1. The Startup Owner’s Module, written by Steve Blank and Bob Village: This is a fantastic book for those who want to found a start-up. The writer focuses on the problems faced in starting start-ups. This book contains a list of more than 40 checklists for project phases and particular explanations for digital start-ups.
  2. Zero to One, written by Peter Thiel: This eye-opening book contains notes on start-ups and building future. There is a touch on the correct mind frame required for creating a thriving business. There is the inclusion of specific questions that are necessary to analyze before starting a business.
  3. The Ideal Executive, written by Ichak Kalderon Adizes:  This book has a mythical creature as a protagonist. The author pulls out a comparison with a fabulous unicorn. On the other hand, the mythical creature is a beautiful ideal leader who does not exist in nature. There are only a few people who can imagine its existence.
  4.  The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, written by Stephen Covey: This book is suitable for you if you aspire to run a business. You should be practical and productive for founding a start-up. The writer conveys 32 principles that help you to be a highly competent person. The principles are more related to mental practices than being practical.
  5. The Hard Things About Hard Things, written by Ben Horowitz: The writer explains crises handling very nicely in the book. He recites his own experiences while being a founder and CEO. There is a mention of the efforts he put in saving his company from getting bankrupt. The narration is in a humor form. There are specials tips about handling turbulent times.
  6. Never Split the Difference, written by Chris Voss: The writer has been the former head hostage negotiator for the FBI. He has quite an information about high-pressure situations. There is a simple framework and rules to follow for negotiating. The book relies on psychological and analytical concepts.
  7. Shoe Dog, written by Phil Knight: This is a fast learning book. It is based on the true story about Nike. The way Nike managed to dominate the world of athletic shoes is the main attraction. The writer has explained how Blue Ribbon Sports, struggled for years to build the company and became Nike later on.
  8. Tool of Titans, written by Tim Ferriss: The well-known author and investor, interviewed about two hundred world-class performers. He mentioned their success tips and stories in this book. Over the seven hundred pages, there are tips mentioned to manage daily life problems as well. There is a special mention of seventeen questions that can help you get successful in your start-up.
  9. Who, written by Joff Smart and Randy Street: The main focus of any start-up should be finding the answer to the question of what and not who. The author mentions the correct place of people in the team. The right type of questions is the core of this book.
  10. Rework, written byJason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson: This book is about new business strategies. The author has tried to write fresh and unique content apart from conventional techniques. The author gives you a quick, easy and a better way for your business.
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